How to deal with Snakes and snake bites

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Killing snakes is of no use in managing a situation of snakes in your area. If they have food sources (mainly rats and frogs), they will come.

1 Manage Snake Population

  1. Deny Food
  2. Deny Shelter
  3. Deny Entry
  4. Translocation Tragedies: Are We Really “Rescuing” Snakes?

2 Call below contacts if you see a snake

BBMP Hotline 080 2222 1188, Spurthy (7406079036, 9844530033), Mahesh (9916968959), Nagabhushan (9341240482), Vikay Nishanth (9972487991), Hiss Mohan (98450 80903)

3 In case of a snake bite

  1. Until ambulance arrives, one may take following measures of First-aid:
  2. Keep victim calm and restrict movement. With increased heart-rate, venom spreads faster in the blood.
  3. Make sure victim does not panic. Often, panic causes more complications to symptoms and situation.
  4. Position victim such that area affected by bite is below the level of heart. With use of pillows, etc. keep level of heart higher than level of bite location.
  5. DO NOT do any of following
  6. DO NOT Apply tourniquet
  7. DO NOT Suck the wound manually (with mouth) or through a machine
  8. DO NOT Apply any pressure to the bite site
  9. DO NOT Give alcohol or warm beverage to the victim
  10. DO NOT Cut the wound
  11. DO NOT Cover the bite wound
  12. DO NOT Burn the wound or apply burned cotton
  13. DO NOT Rub the wound

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5 Identification of top 4 poisonous snakes

6 Identify Cobra

Indian Cobra

7 Identify Saw Scaled Viper

Saw scaled viper

8 Identify Common Krait

Common Krait

9 Identify Russell's Viper

Russell's Viper

10 Living with Snakes - Printable Poster

Living with Snakes.jpeg