How to do community composting using Organic Waste Converter

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S.No Attribute Details
1. Name Organic Waste Converter
2. # of households 400
3. Year Started 2016
4. Location There is a vacant space in car parking area in basement which is just below the stairs. It is walled and is used for composting. There is another room in basement for collection of dry waste. The kabariwallah gets his vehicle inside and directly picks up the dry waste from the room itself
5. Vendor Vennar Organic Fertilizer Pvt Limited
6. Specifications Shredder OWC-60 Capacity
The machine churns 20-25 kg of wet waste in just 10-15 min.
7. Vendor
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Making the steel rake
  • Installation of water dripping system above the rake
  • Supplying of accelerator - bioculum
8. Initial Expenses Rs. 6,50,000
Total: Rs 6.5 Lakh
  • The cost of the shredder - 4 Lakh
  • Buying of crates, making up of steel rakes, preparation of SWM room and dry waste collection room - 2.5 Lakh
9. Operational Expenses Rs. 9,000 per month
Total: Rs. 9,000+/month
  • Salary for person who operates OWC - Rs. 9000/month.
  • 20 bags of sawdust every month.
10. Revenue Source Sale of dry waste generates around Rs 3,000 to 4,000 every month.
11. Time taken to Compost 2 hours per day
12. Composting Method Method Description:
  • The society uses 2 bin- one bag approach for segregating the overall waste.
  • The food waste which is generated every day, is then mixed with sawdust and is together put in the Organic Waste Convertor. In the machine itself, an accelerator called biocullum and sanifresh for managing odor problems is put along with the food waste.
  • Once the food is shredded, it is filled in crates. Around 80 crates are used for composting 150 kg of food waste.
  • These crates are then put on steel rakes which are kept there for 21 days. A dripping system is put above each rake. It runs for 2-3 min after every 4-5 hours. This helps in retaining the moisture level of the compost.
  • After 21 days of curing in the rakes, the compost is ready to be used.
13. Compost Uses Some of the compost is used by the gardener. What is left is taken up by the vegetable vendor who comes to sell organic vegetables in the society premises. The residents also can take the compost for their own purposes.

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