How to monitor road or drains work

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1 Introduction

This article describes how to monitor the road work in your area. For example, you can monitor the road asphalting work. To do this, you have get information from BBMP GIS portal about the work.

2 Procedure

  1. Visit BBMP GIS portal at and follow instructions to download Microsoft SilverLight plugin. Firefox browser seems to work best to access this application.
  2. In the web application, select zone (example: Mahadevapura) and ward (example: Hagadur).
  3. Zoom in to the map and click on the street of your interest.
  4. A pop up window appears that shows the road works history details.
  5. Click on 'Save as PDF'.
  6. View the document and get information about work orders including contractor name and phone number. Typically the work orders take the form of "ward number-Year of work-running sequence number for the various works". e.g. 084-16-000022.
  7. Call the contractor and coordinate the monitoring work.
  8. If the information is missing, please call the Ward Engineer for your ward and request her/him to upload the missing data.

3 Ward Engineer Contact Details by Ward

4 Screenshot of BBMP GIS Portal Road Works Section

Road Works GIS Screenshot.jpg

5 Sample Road Works Document

Road Work History Sample.jpg

6 Reference

  1. BBMP GIS Portal
  2. Mahadevapura Zone Wards