How to pay first time property tax without a bribe

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1 Introduction

Some self motivation, a bit of effort to take along the people in your community. If that's not sufficient, Whitefield team is always there to help you out. Many communities just conducted the bribe free property tax campaign successfully for the first time tax payers.

2 Process

  1. Find out your wards bbmp office and contact the revenue inspector. BBMP is struggling to meet it's target and it will be happy to help you in filing the tax as that's it's major revenue. Use the following resources to locate your ward:
  2. To make an impact, better to do it at the community level rather than individually.
  3. Give the sale deed to the revenue inspector along with your details and an entry for your property made in the BBMP database.
  4. You receive an OTP with application/property id number using which you can pay the property tax online.
  5. You can escalate to the ARO or the BBMP commissioner by tweeting:
 BBMP Commissioner

3 Assistant Revenue Officers (ARO)

4 (Assistant Revenue Officers of BBMP)

4.1 Success Stories