Common Needs for All Wards

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1 Waste:

  1. Implementation of Plastic ban
  2. DWCC & Biomethenisation plants
  3. Control on flex posting in our area. Should be allowed only in very few dedicated places. Complete ban on B'day flex or other such socially irresponsible flex in public
  4. Common Dry and Wet waste collection bins at all market aras and 1 in every 100 meter on streets with many shops. Daily twice collection of waste from busy market areas
  5. Regular and GPS based pick-up for garbage
  6. All parks & temples to compulsorily have leaf composting centres
  7. Have STP setup to enable commissioning of UGD line.

2 Law and Order:

  1. CCTV's to monitor n reduce crimes
  2. Ease of filing FIR
  3. Fix all street lights

3 Water:

  1. Safe Drinking water to every citizen
  2. Control on new borewells with mandatory approvals, action against illegal borewell and safety measures for dried borewells.
  3. Mandatory water recharge systems near each borewell
  4. Rejuvenation of all lakes. Make rain water harvesting mandatorily enforced including recycling water in big apartment complexes

4 Transport:

  1. Convenience facilities at all major Bus stops
  2. Development of artillery roads
  3. Faster action on encroachments or illegal constructions near road, which are hindering development.

5 Education:

Value based Quality education to all grades: Link for Details

6 Roads:

  1. Sewage lines across all roads
  2. Install grills on the pedestrian walkway along all main roads
  3. Have plans and dates published on fixing the road after the roads have been dug up
  4. Coordination between all departments while digging roads

7 Encroachment:

  1. Protection of water bodies & development
  2. Removal of encroachments on Rajakaluves & SWD
  3. Fencing of government land and using them to build parks & playgrounds, lake
  4. Act immediately against Illegal constructions

8 Accountability in Governance

  1. Corruption free Governament offices<need to give accurate steps to achieve this
  2. Citizen participation in the governance. <again how?
  3. An easy method for citizens to lodge complaint about corrupt or non performing govt officials, which can be tracked and closed with action. One such centre in each ward
  4. Approachability of the MLA & his office, need a 24/7 command center
  5. If failed to uphold the above bare minimum asks, he should take moral responsibility & sign the resignation before taking oath or office. Else, place 100cr in an escrow account