How to file an RTI

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1 Introduction

An RTI is a mechanism to get information from the Government on any issues you may have as a citizen.

1.1 RTI Application Template

1.1.1 Application Seeking Information u/s 6(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005

Name of the Applicant:  



Address for Correspondence


PIO from whom Information is required


1.1.2 Particulars of the Information Sought

Provide me information in respect of `Kolar Water Project’…..




Information Sought is to be supplied:  in printed form or CD

1.1.3 Details of Initial Fees Paid

Indian Postal Order for Rs. 10                                             Number:  GGGG

This postal order is crossed, but the `PAY TO’ field has been left blank. Please fill it as appropriate. 

Kindly transfer the application u/s 6(3) within 5 days to the appropriate Public Authority if the information requested is available with another Public Authority, under intimation to me.  

Place: HHHH


Signature and Name

 Please note:

  1. As per the Karnataka RTI rules, the number of words under `Particulars of the Information Sought' should be limited to 150 words.
  2. If you raise too many points in one application, the dealing officer - even with the best of intentions - may find it very difficult to answer as he or she would have get information from many other sections.
  3. Please keep the application crisp with some specific points.
  4. If you definitely want all the information, please file three or four separate applications.

2 Steps

  1. Articulate the question clearly. This is where the key lies. Otherwise you may get vague responses.
  2. Identify the head of the department to address the RTI to

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