Issues specific to panchayat area

From Rising Citizen

Panchayat Level Issues

  • Proper waste management in Panchayat areas. Absolutely no burning of Garbage
  • Sweeping and cleaning of SH35. Clearing plastic dumped on roadsides
  • Complete ban and enforcement of ban on use of plastic bags by shops and establishments. This should include use plastic packets for vegetables too
  • Shops and establishments, irrespective of size and volume of business should be made responsible for the waste generated by them and their clearance and disposal on a daily basis
  • Removal of encroachments along SH35
  • Lights on the median
  • Properly marked and scientifically constructed speed breakers at strategic points
  • ESP before divider gaps for U turns on both sides
  • Wrong side driving and road side parking
  • Also footpaths have become places for opening small businesses. In some places foot paths have become dumping yard or parking places
  • Encroachment and garbage dumping on kannamangla main road for instance after Serene town and till MIMS.

Proper parking space and they getting properly marked - As of now I see NO parking signs even I parking bays created

  • Better management of Traffic to make public friendly , from katamanalur cross (OMR) to Hope farm , viz ,periodically patrolling by traffic cops, offender and violators of traffic rules be punished , dealt strictly. Arboriculture/ greenery both sides of road, rest room/urinals point at suitable places.